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Step by step procedure of signing the deal of invoice finance

    1. Enquiry – This stage is an understanding procedure in order to get all the related information from both the end, even invoice finance provider capture basics of your business and the terms of operation and evaluates how the business get all the benefits from an invoice service in order to boost your business.

    2. Meeting – The invoice finance provider will visit your business with prior appointment via phone, during the visit short business health-check and gathering the related documents will be the main criterion, so that he can prepare the offer documents.

    The financier will taken certain things into consideration while taking the brief of your business which includes;

    • While taking the financial picture of your business, the actual and forecasted turnover, net worth and profit as well as loss will be taken into consideration. You don’t have to be worried if some of the elements are negative, as invoice financier can help you to come out of the situation.
    • While studying your business trades, invoice finance provider will peep into the paper trail to understand certain things like order confirmations, time sheets, delivery proof and the good communication related to clear payment terms. The best practice is to maintain all the paper work and the records in place to avoid further difficulties. Most of the times non payment will be related to difference of opinion over the invoice.
    • Your key customers- While accessing the credit worthiness of your customers, invoice finance provider always take the related details of the customers, so that the exact funding level can be determined.
    • Management team-While studying the business history, the owner’s qualification, experience level and also the previous business failure history will also be considered by invoice financer. Even the victims of previously business owners will be supported by the invoice financiers.
    • Even invoice financiers will understand that your business is getting funded by other sources in order to follow the debenture.

    Before moving towards the next step invoice financier will get some paperwork from your end;

    • Data protection form: In order to take the searches from the individual list
    • ID proof – Passport of driving license
    • Sales ledger – This document will be used for internal usage and to understand customer’s credibility and the sum of funds which can be made available for your business.
    • Invoice copies

    3. Offer – If the manager is not available then the written or verbal then outline of the order can be made by considering;

    • The facility which is going to be offer
    • The amount of fund which can be made available
    • The cost of facility
    • The documentation required to start up the facility
    • Request of personal guarantee which is a standard format followed by almost all types of finance which is a commitment between business owner and invoice service provider, so it is an agreement duly signed by both and honored by you.

    4.Facility set up – After signing the relevant documents, the below discussed will take place;

    • Invoice financier will process all the facility documents onto the system.
    • The debenture gets registered.
    • On the system your customer account details get set up or sometimes directly from your accounting system these details can be migrated, however it depends on the type of system in available in usage.
    • The verification of invoice takes place, so this is mainly a sales ledger audit. Then the invoice financier will reconcile your account by chatting with your customer, you can choose the conversation way of customer, either by disclosed or confidential, it’s up to the firm. While addressing the disputes, if any, invoice financier will act as a mediator to resolve the problem.
    • If you want more amount of fund then reconciling more invoices will help, even invoice financer will alter the offer, depending upon the more number of successful invoice reconciliation.
    • The outline of the agreement includes cost, the terms and conditions mentioned in the facility, the amount of fund will be made available, how it will work and the mutual terms and conditions which will be followed while working together.
    • After signing the contract, the facility will be then set up, but before signing any document try to get guidance from the experts.

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