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Invoice Factoring Explained

    There are two main forms of invoice finance;factoring and invoice discounting. These services offer benefits which are listed below.


    Factoring is a form of cash-management with a collection service included. Its flexible funding helps release cash that is tied up in your customers’ outstanding invoices.

    How does it help?

    • In between raising an invoice and getting paid, there is always a cashflow gap so this gap can be bridged this with the help of factoring.
    • Your business will get immediate cash injection against your outstanding invoices keeping the cash flowing.
    • You also get the benefit of a credit control service from the factoring supplier. This in turn saves you valuable time and cost as they will automatically chase any outstanding invoices on your behalf. That way you can concentrate on running your business.

    Invoice Discounting

    Confidential invoice discounting helps to release cash tied up in your outstanding customer invoices. It is an excellent, flexible funding solution.

    How does it help?

    • By bridging the cashflow gap between raising the invoice and getting paid.
    • You receive immediate cash injection which is an excellent cashflow solution.
    • Unlike invoice factoring, you handle your own credit control so you can build up a rapport with your customerso your method of finance is invisible to your customers. You will still receive the cash support from your invoice discounter in the meantime. As you using an undisclosed discounting service your clients will not know you are factoring.

Customers Stories

Conrad Thornton of Green Street Media tells us how Target Business Assist have provided their business with a new invoice factoring system that has dramatically improved their cash-flow
Conrad ThorntonGreen Street Media LimitedChester, Cheshire

"All About Savings have provided our business with a new invoice factoring system that has dramatically improved our cash-flow position and flexibility with our clients..."