A High Advance Rate

Invoice Factoring will allow you to release a large percentage of cash from your unpaid invoices. Generally you can release 90% - 98% of the funds tied up in your unpaid invoices within 24 hours.

Improve Cash Flow

Invoice Factoring will allow you to improve your businesses cash flow. By using our Factoring services you gain instant access to cash that would otherwise be tied up in invoices that haven't been paid.

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Every month we help many businesses, by fully understanding your needs we can help you find the perfect Invoice Finance solutions - tailored entirely around you.

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We can help you to compare a wide range of invoice factoring providers. We work with the UK's largest network of finance companies that stretch from high street banks to industry specific lenders

We can help you

> Start a new business
> Refinance your business
> Improve cashflow
> Turnaround your business
> Grow your business
> Buy a business

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Free, impartial advice from one of the UK's leading brokers - Here at All About Savings, our intention is to deliver a wide range of advice, services and support to help your business. We are a specialist company who are focused on finding the best tailored solutions based on your business requirements


    If you are looking to improve your cashflow, save money, improve the service you receive from your current provider or simply take advantage of our free factoring and invoice discounting review service, we can help.

    Here at All About Savings, our team are highly experienced in the factoring & finance sector.

    Why use us as your Invoice Factoring / Invoice Finance Broker?

    • We have access to the best UK lenders and will look at your business extensively to ensure you gain the best rates and agreement to suit you.
    • We will give you immediate, simple advice to make sure that you not only find the solution that is right for you, but also that you understand the contract as well.
    • As we an independent and not tied to any specific lender, all of our advice is totally impartial.

    What Can Your Business Gain From Choosing The Invoice Factoring / Invoice Finance Solution?

    • It can increase your cashflow instantly
    • It can bridge the gap between raising invoices and getting paid
    • It can raise up to 95% of the value of your invoices
    • You can use the funds to develop your business

    Why invoice factoring & invoice finance is so important for businesses to survive and grow

    In order for your business to not only survive but prosper and grow the most important thing is keep your cashflow healthy.

    Invoice factoring & invoice finance lets you free up cash tied in your unpaid invoices and use it where needed rather than waiting for payment which can sometimes be up to 90 days.

    A recent survey showed that the reason many businesses fail is because their cash runs out. Suppliers, bills and wages still need to be paid and there is often a gap between raising your own invoices and receiving payment. This gap can be filled by factoring or discounting.

    Factoring can in some cases also help businesses to expand. Often companies cannot supply the demand for their products and services due to a shortage in cash-flow. By using a factoring facility this can give you business the cash injection it needs.

    Using such a funding facility is relatively low risk. You are not committing yourself to a business large loan and having to meet monthly payments you can’t afford as you are simply borrowing against your own invoices. This makes it a much more flexible solution.

    One of the main advantages of using an independent factoring broker such as All About Savings is that they have specialist knowledge of the lending market. They also have immediate access to the best deals the various lenders are offering which often change on a daily basis. As with most brokers, All About Savings offer a free service to their clients so you really have nothing to lose and with over 42,000 companies in the UK currently using an invoice factoring and discounting facility it seems to be the sensible cashflow solution.

Customers Stories

Conrad Thornton of Green Street Media tells us how Target Business Assist have provided their business with a new invoice factoring system that has dramatically improved their cash-flow
Conrad ThorntonGreen Street Media LimitedChester, Cheshire

"All About Savings have provided our business with a new invoice factoring system that has dramatically improved our cash-flow position and flexibility with our clients..."