A High Advance Rate

Invoice Factoring will allow you to release a large percentage of cash from your unpaid invoices. Generally you can release 80% - 90% of the funds tied up in your unpaid invoices within 24 hours.

Improve Cash Flow

Invoice Factoring will allow you to improve your businesses cash flow. By using our Factoring services you gain instant access to cash that would otherwise be tied up in invoices that haven't been paid.

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Export Factoring

    What is export factoring?
    It is an ideal funding and collection solution for companies that trade in both the UK and overseas. It will help you release the cash tied up in all of your company invoices both domestic and export.

    How does it work?
    You simply raise your invoices and will have around 85% of the value of the invoice released to you with in 24hours, once the full amount of the invoice has been paid you will receive the remaining amount minus a small fee. This will release working capital for you to help grow your business.

    Benefits of Export Factoring:
    You will benefit greatly from having a presence in the nation you are trading with as well as having a multi lingual credit control team working for you.

    It is also beneficial to learn from your lenders local knowledge of the country you are trading with as well as them assisting you with credit check for any existing or new clients you are looking to work with.
    A number of companies will also help to protect you from fluctuating exchange rates which will protect your business and allow you to concentrate on running your company.

    It is also possible to have bad debt protection incorporated into your facility, this giving you peace of mind and allowing you to trade on standard terms.

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