What is Confidential Invoice Factoring?
    It is a facility that will enable you to receive finance against the invoices you raise and the lender will provide you with help in chasing outstanding invoices and will also manage your sales ledger. This will not be done in the name of the lender but will be carried out in the name of your business thus keeping the lender involvement confidential. You will have your own dedicated phone line which will simply be used to answer all of your incoming calls from your customers. The lender will make sure all correspondence will reflect your own branding i.e. Statements and collection letters.

    Confidential Invoice Factoring can prove to be very useful for smaller fast growing business’ that don’t want their customers to be aware that they are factoring. If you have a number of customers that often pay late, you will find cash flow issues as a result of this. By outsourcing your credit control, this will free up time for you to concentrate on other areas of your business.

    How does it work?
    Confidential factoring works very similarly to invoice factoring and confidential invoice discounting: In that you raise an invoice and within 24 hours, you will have between 80-90% of the value of the invoice released. This will enable you to quickly have funds available for you to use within your business. You will be able to pay your outstanding bills as well as keeping strong supplier relationships therefore allowing you much more flexibility.

Customers Stories

Conrad Thornton of Green Street Media tells us how Target Business Assist have provided their business with a new invoice factoring system that has dramatically improved their cash-flow
Conrad ThorntonGreen Street Media LimitedChester, Cheshire

"Target Business Assist have provided our business with a new invoice factoring system that has dramatically improved our cash-flow position and flexibility with our clients..."

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