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    A new survey from the Asset Based Finance Association (ABFA) has been published in which it has been revealed that businesses now expect to be turning to releasing more cash from their assets using invoice finance. This can be done through either through invoice factoring or invoice discounting.

    The report actually suggests that the quota of invoice finance is set to grow by 9% in 2012.

    There is also some encouraging optimism to be taken from the businesses surveyed. Members were asked to predict their own industry growth figures for 2012. The results were that forecasts for companies that generate turnover from companies using asset based finance in 2012 will hit GBP 259bn, up 12% from GBP 235bn in 2011.

    So, great news for the invoice and factoring industry as we head into another wet and rainy British weekend! Be sure to head back to Compare Factoring next week for some more great business updates…

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